We recognize every project is unique, with different specifications, requirements and needs.  We have the experienced workforce and leadership to tailor your civil and electromechanical requirements.

Flexible and quick delivery is possible through our experienced management and the rigorous ISO 9001 quality control.

CEYM owns a 108,000 ft2 facility plus office containers, specialized turbine tool containers, trucks, lifters, cranes and all the necessary equipment able to be taken to any working site and produce locally, in order to assure that the job can be completed without any delays.

Construction Services


CEYM is one of the largest piping contractors in Ecuador.

We specialize in the fabrication and installation of industrial and process piping systems, such as those used to convey steam, condensate, gases, chemicals, fuels, water and waste, for all commercial, industrial, and clean applications.




Piping for all major industries:

  • Balance of plant piping for power generation
  • Steam and condensate piping for pulp and paper
  • Contained piping for chemical industries
  • Waste treatment and removal piping for manufacturing
  • Gas and fuel oil piping for refinery and petrochemical


CEYM is a full range designer, manufacturer and field mounting of steel structures including aboveground storage tanks, bins, stacks, silos and vessels.

We offer engineering and design services for new and existing facilities in the petroleum, petrochemical, power, industrial and water markets.

With over 30 years of experience, our engineers are capable of design and construct the most complex structures using the latest technologies available.
CEYM is your best choice when it comes to finding an established and reliable design and construction solutions provider.


CEYM S.A. provides lifting as required by the contracting company.

Our specialists conducted an inspection at the site before making the maneuver in order to identify needs and strategies to be used to perform the same, we seek the best alternative and more affordable for our customers.

We have the staff, tools and equipment for the proper execution of the service. We have the capability to perform more complex and challenging work in and out of the city.


Our company has professional and experience necessary to carry out fundamental work. During the process we keep in contact with clients, thus meeting their needs and meeting their needs with quality, optimizing time and resources.

Our service Tank construction is characterized by efficiency and innovation in the process of construction.

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