CEYM, as an international EPC company has the capability and resources to undertake important projects on behalf of major companies.

From engineering studies to site arrangements, construction and project commissioning, CEYM´s experienced project managers and field engineers, supervise entire on-site process to fulfill customers´ needs.

We guarantee high quality and competitive cost to maximize your satisfaction. Our key to success is our years of experience combined with our intensive focus on engineering development and a reliable global procurement network.

Whether it is a new installation or an expansion, we are able to provide a solution that is 100% compatible with your project.

Generation (Turbines and Generators)

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Thermo Gas Machala Power Plant - CELEC EP
Turbogenerator Maintenance

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CEYM has assisted major power generation companies from the early stage of a new project through the lifetime of the generation units.

CEYM is capable of:

For existing plants:

- Assist Manufacturer Technical Advisors on all type of field services from visual inspections to major overhaul of gas and steam turbines.
- Assist with the maintenance of electrical generators.
- Performance testing.
- On Site Procurement
- On Site Office, Tooling, and Heavy Equipment Supplier
- Commissioning Assistance.

Our professional consulting and maintenance service is aimed to satisfy our customers with a 100% reliable and innovative solution. Whether is a natural disaster, premature failure, power outage, or simply a scheduled maintenance, CEYM will give you time, flexibility and quality services.

Transmission (Substation Automation)

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CEYM understands that improving efficiency through automation requires more than implementing new technologies.

CEYM will guide you through the process of delivering complete solutions featuring compact modules, reliable operation, safety and quality compliance.

We offer services related to Automation projects in the energy and industrial sectors, such as:

  • Control and protection design.
  • Supply, installation, programming and testing of IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device).
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).
  • Solution in Integrated Substation Automation, including the provision of field equipment, metering, protection and control.
  • We design and supply of Protection and Control panels.

We provide systems for:

  • Data acquisition
  • Information Processing
  • Control Integration
  • Networking

Renewable Energy

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Hydroelectric Saymirin Power Plant

Procurement & Installation

Services covered in Renewable Energy

CEYM promotes the development of renewable energy projects, providing a full range of services that go from design to project completion.

CEYM is able to develop the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance (IPCM). CEYM is the perfect partner for implementation of Renewable Energy in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential, in order to generate less impact to the ecosystem.